Personal values are the DNA of who you are. They are the reason why you do what you do. They are unconscious. When you are aligned with your values your actions will act as a foundation to build a productive and pragmatic future. Understanding your values leads to reduced stress in multiple contexts of your life. You will experience consistency which is critical for personal development and growth. Your achievements will be aligned with setting and achieving natural goals that motivate you. In a nutshell you will be more able to predict your future and learn from past experiences. Your activities and decisions will be aligned to what you want. This makes everything you do beneficial with results compounding in the future. This approach saves time, money and makes you more productive.


  1. Introduction to Values
  2. How to identify patterns and trends 
  3. Understanding behaviours and beliefs relative to values 
  4. Knowing how to organise criteria to support values 
  5. How to align values 
  6. How to identify interventions allowing flow


Who is this course for ?

This course is for anyone who wants to develop themselves in a way they can operate differently in multiple contexts. Development is deeper and longer term than coaching. Anyone who is experiencing or has experienced a life change due to external events and wants to get different results will benefit. Individuals like account managers, leaders, new business start ups, founders, coaches and those in HR roles will find the content powerful and relevant.

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