In today’s world having a keen interest in your own development makes you stand out. 
The courses Metropolis provide focus on communication helping you get the edge by understanding yourself and others better. 

The courses are delivered in various locations in the UK, USA and Europe. 

John Thompson – Lead Trainer and Course Director has had over 20 years experience designing and delivering training initiatives with organisations plus certified open programs.


“As an experienced trainer I always wonder … where are they going next with this information and new skill set ? what else can I weave into their learning to give more.” JT  


Welcome to the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Course. NLP is a powerful approach that combines the study of communication, human behavior, and cognitive processes to achieve personal and professional transformation. This course is designed to provide you with the principles, practices, and techniques of NLP in a structured and supported environment.
During this course, you will learn how to apply NLP to a variety of areas, from personal development to coaching and counseling, in areas of education, business, and leadership. Your learning journey will begin with an introduction to the foundations and principles of NLP, and then progress to more specialized skills, techniques, and applications.
Our experienced instructors will guide you through a range of interactive and experiential exercises to help you develop skills that you can apply in your life and professional practice. These practical skills include effective communication techniques, time management and goal setting, building and maintaining effective relationships, and developing a positive outlook and mindset.
One of the great benefits of this course is how it can help transform limiting beliefs and negative patterns into positive action plans for personal and professional growth. When you apply NLP techniques to help yourself or others, it can create powerful change and lasting transformation.
This NLP Practitioner Course is your opportunity to become a master of communication and behavior, and to learn how to unleash your own personal and professional potential. Join us now and kick-start your journey toward transformation and an exciting new understanding of yourself and others.
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