John is a global professional, who has years of experience in designing and delivering training in the USA and Europe. He is from Leeds, England and loves to travel.

He has  had the opportunity to interact and work with a diverse group of individuals and organisations, preparing them to navigate issues and deal with challenges effectively. His knowledge, expertise, and training skills have enabled them to develop and deliver customised learning experiences that cater to the unique needs of his clients.

He started out in personal development after studying NLP in the UK and qualifying as a trainer  in Pennsylvania USA. His journey delivering certified programs has taken him to Norway, Romania, Europe and the USA.

After a decade in delivering certification programs he gave a keynote speech at a conference in Beverly Hills. This led to the start of working with hospitality organisations in Miami, New York and Los Angeles.

He has over 8 years experience as lead consultant for two of the largest cruise lines developing their cultural values. These were rolled out to over 100,000 employees worldwide on land and sea.

During this time he was still a guest trainer with several organisations delivering trainings in the UK and Europe to leaders and key personnel in London and Spain.

During the pandemic things went online with a focus on coaching and development due to the closing of travel globally.

Prior to the pandemic John became aware of using agile systems to coach people and applied this method during the lockdown with individuals working remotely. The blend of agile and coaching is something he has developed and uses with people currently.

As the world has opened up and travel is now more fluid live trainings are building in popularity which is where John excels.

He has an infectious passion for learning and development, which translates to impactful, engaging and memorable training experiences. In summary, his professional wealth of knowledge and experience in designing and delivering effective training solutions gives you the understanding and edge to sustain growth in the current climate.

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