What does it mean to be Agile?

Being Agile in this context refers to breaking things down into small manageable chunks.  In the coaching relationship this allows tasks and processes  easier to understand and execute. 

What is Coaching? 

In its simplest form coaching is getting someone from point A to point B using elegant techniques that provoke and compliment the personality of the person. 

What is Agile Coaching ?

Agile Coaching is the fusion of the agile concept and the coaching process of moving things from A to B.

In addition to this fusion adding elements of SCRUM ( an agile methodology used in the creation of complex processes like software development ) giving a more robust structure, protocols and value system. 

Agile Coaching uses inspecting and adapting consistently to monitor progress.  

How does Agile Coaching work ?

Agile Coaching has its own set of values which play a part in its success. Operating to these values as an individual or a team makes the  difference. 

Continually inspecting and adapting things daily and weekly identifies any impediments. 

Reducing these blockers allows things to flow easier. 


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