Experience NLP in this new modern presentation of the protocols, models and techniques  forming the foundations of the field. Understand what NLP is and is not. Learn how it is used by leaders and large organisations at all levels internally and externally. This course busts myths and gives clarity to the core essence of what NLP is. Understand how the change elements work that have been documented over the years. Know pragmatically how you can change if you want to. Learn the structure of language which forms all thinking in today’s digital world that creates your reality.

This course is an introduction to the foundations of Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP for people who want to understand what it is and how they personally can apply it. The course gives pragmatic examples of how NLP is currently used within large organisations at all levels in sales, marketing, Human Resources, Recruitment, creating cultures, learning and development, management, leadership, relationships  and well being.  You will learn how NLP and the forms relating to others can be adapted in  coaching contexts with examples and experiences.

The content makes sense and allows people to decide their next step on the journey to learn more. NLP has been bastardised since its conception and myths have emerged creating ambiguity around the ethos and use. This course gives clarity about what it is and busts the myths that have emerged over the years. NLP is not a science, it is subjective and more of an art form for the user to understand and apply in contexts to make a difference either financial, emotional or results driven.


Who is this course for ?

Managers, Leaders, Students, Professionals, Parents, Entrepreneurs, Coaches and anyone wanting to increase choice and become better in multiple contexts.

What is included ?
  • The History of NLP and individuals who created it
  • What NLP is at the core
  • The ethos and spirit of NLP
  • What NLP was initially and how NLP is applied in todays world
  • Experiential Learning techniques to integrate your understanding of what it is and how you can use it
  • How to understand yourself more
  • How to understand others
  • Examples of how large organisations use NLP protocols to influence and persuade audiences
  • The natural use of hypnotic protocols and trance in applications
  • How to problem solve using NLP
  • Understand how language affects you and others in todays world
  • Understanding the metaphor of the unconscious mind
  • Techniques to calibrate self and others
  • How to build rapport in multiple environments
  • The importance of values to understand self and others
  • How to think and behave differently
  • The levels of learning in NLP
  • Busting the myths of NLP
  • Live demonstrations prior to exercises
  • Q and A
  • Book and multi media recommendations


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